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Oh yeah, Paladins has cool champions. by EpicFennekin Oh yeah, Paladins has cool champions. :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 6 5 Poke-Cookies Baking Sale! by EpicFennekin Poke-Cookies Baking Sale! :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 9 328
"Uh, I have a rather sinister story, miss moon braixen. Is that okay?" A certain grey pokemon said
"Of course, I won't judge you. In any case, I want to hear it!" The purple braixen, both pokemon formerly human, said in response.
"Okay, Here I go!"
"So, like, I was walking on the woods, very excited to go camping! And... uh... Well, I think I should start a bit earlier than that, huh?"
Mother's such a kind woman. She woke me up gently, with breakfast and a fresh set of clothing. That morning was not an exception. She even seemed excited then. It was my tenth birthday, and that meant I'd get to pick a pokemon for myself! To become an actual trainer! It was such a special time... If only i knew I'd be the one feeling like a pokemon!
Once that my mother had finished doing the dishes, we got to preparing my backpack. i'd need my passport, some pokebeans, pokeballs, and medicines both for humans and pokemon alike. I tightened the straps on the bag, and got read
:iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 5 72
The little primarina by EpicFennekin The little primarina :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 3 26 Fancy Rowlet by EpicFennekin Fancy Rowlet :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 5 37 Tapu Lele by EpicFennekin Tapu Lele :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 9 76 Owl totem by EpicFennekin Owl totem :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 1 0 Fokkokkyu by EpicFennekin Fokkokkyu :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 7 91
Disclaimer: Not an RP. "RP?" Is the name of the story.
"Just some more..." I repeated myself as I finished the last strokes of my drawing. Once I finished and took a step back to admire it, I loved it!  
It was a delphox, holding a flame on it's palm, saying "I have everything, under control."
"Man, I've certainly improved since last time..." I treat myself, and then sit down "Maybe I should do this one digital... eh, why not!" I chuckled at my self reasoning and then scanned the drawing to begin the re-draw phase of it. It was quite fun, to be honest! I took some breaks here and there, but eventually managed to finish it. With shadows and stuff too!
"I'm so tired... I really should sleep right now... nah... I'll publish it." Again, I relied on my self-reasoning to decide wether I slept or nah. I began to let it upload, and fell asleep on my chair.
While I was asleep, it seemed as if a certain someone wanted to play a prank on me. Someone who is rather accustomed with the "TF" kin
:iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 2 78
I have this, under control by EpicFennekin I have this, under control :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 15 142 Lycanroc again, without obnoxious background by EpicFennekin Lycanroc again, without obnoxious background :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 9 390 La lune m'a fait une bete by EpicFennekin La lune m'a fait une bete :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 9 12 I got bored by EpicFennekin I got bored :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 4 90 My first drawing with InkScape! by EpicFennekin My first drawing with InkScape! :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 6 125 Today's douche. by EpicFennekin Today's douche. :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 4 66 I love my girlfriend so much right now. by EpicFennekin I love my girlfriend so much right now. :iconepicfennekin:EpicFennekin 7 27


Supermoon (Lycanroc Midnight TF)
The night was settling in on the mining town of Oreburgh, the star speckled sky looking down on the land of Sinnoh, the rocky roads blowing small remnants of coal dust throughout the town, the fresh air entering the vents and flushing the mines with sweet, sweet air. But that wasn’t important to Matthew, glancing out the window from the small living room in his house, looking up at the darkening night sky.
Tonight was a special night, at least one for those who enjoyed celestial phenomena or had the time to glance outside at least once during the night. The supermoon was taking place tonight, a very rare event where the full moon is closest to the earth on its orbit, making it appear bright and large in the night sky, almost like a close star in the night. He had never properly seen one before, but now that he knew about it, he was kinda excited to see it. He had his camera ready to take a few photos and all that he had to do was wait.
Matthew smirked, turning away from his blind
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 17 1
Clemont's Buneary TF/TG by FezMangaka Clemont's Buneary TF/TG :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 67 12 Comission by KateOkami Comission :iconkateokami:KateOkami 26 6 Braixen by domicreate Braixen :icondomicreate:domicreate 61 9 Serena's Fennekin TF by FezMangaka Serena's Fennekin TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 114 16 Keeping It Down by Virmir Keeping It Down :iconvirmir:Virmir 56 3 Sparkling Aria by Zoru-vee Sparkling Aria :iconzoru-vee:Zoru-vee 14 23 ABSOLUTELY by Virmir ABSOLUTELY :iconvirmir:Virmir 85 48 Lucile Eevee by Virmir Lucile Eevee :iconvirmir:Virmir 79 12
Pokemon TF/TG Story Raffle (Summer Edition)
    Summer has arrived for me, with classes finishing a week earlier than they usually would! So to celebrate, I am holding a small raffle to usher summer in with style!
This raffle is for 1600 to 3200 Anthro Pokemon TF/TG story, and follows all the rules of a commission, allowing everything except things outside my comfort zone. With that in mind, let's go over the rules!:
1: You must be a watcher.
2: Comment on this journal.
It's as simple as that! No complicated journal making or the like this time around!
If you follow the above, and enter before Midnight (12:00), April 30th 2017 (Eastern Standard Time) you will be be entered in the raffle, the winner will be drawn and announced the following day, as well as contacted by note.
:iconchimafan123:Chimafan123 2 38
Legends Need Vacations, Too. (TF RP)
You'd think that after a few thousand years of existence, legendary Pokemon would need a break from performing their duties.
It turns out they do. Unfortunately, they change humans into them so nothing goes wrong when they're gone.
...At least, that's what they think.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you (or me, if you want), it turns out one of the legendaries wants you (or me) to take their place.
1. Legendary Pokemon only. This includes Ultra Beasts, as well.
2. Side effects allowed are TG, Anthro, AR, AP, and MC. Anything else, ask me.
3. In your comment, tell me what 9 times 8 is, to prove you read the rules.
4. Put some effort into your responses. No "..." or anything like that. It makes it harder to RP.
5. In your first response, tell me who's changing, and into what legendary.
Have fun!
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 10 15,175
Discount Disguise by Trubbol Discount Disguise :icontrubbol:Trubbol 54 17 Don't let your eyes fool you~ by Dapuffster Don't let your eyes fool you~ :icondapuffster:Dapuffster 29 4 ''Don't touch my tail.'' by Theoluma ''Don't touch my tail.'' :icontheoluma:Theoluma 63 19 Evolutions by ThatSoundsFishy Evolutions :iconthatsoundsfishy:ThatSoundsFishy 59 4 608 by mandaIa 608 :iconmandaia:mandaIa 152 7
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Written pokemon TF
Use the donation pool please!!! Cost is 10 points :3

Pretty sure it‘s self explanatory. I‘ll be sure to write them of AT LEAST 1000 words, but I cant give a time lapse given school, exams, family and all that stuff. They will contáis background and, by that, i mean that i wont just be the TF. There will be some reason for it, a before and an after. Extra caracters which CAN be specific if you so desire, mainly coherence-wise, but you never know! Also, be sure to specify if you want it as first person, or third person, since they are different styles of writting and I tend to write them differently plot-wise. now I know that you can spend your points with WAY better writters or drawers, for that I say thank you for choosing me!


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